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  • Largest indoor track in California
  • USATF certified coaches
  • One on one and Small Group Training Options
  • Programs are designed to enhance enhance speed, power, and agility and overall athleticism
  • We also offer training for the retired or non-athlete who wish to train like an athlete and get in great shape

The purpose of AOS is to create faster, more coordinated athletes. Speed can be the determining factor in being successful in sport. Moreover, regardless of skill level, if an athlete is FAST, they are more likely to be noticed and given an opportunity. Just as a college degree provides individuals with an advantage when it comes to employment, being fast can give an athlete an edge and help them get their foot in the door in sport. It is no longer sufficient for an athlete to be able to throw, catch, hit the ball, etc. When coaches are assessing athletes, some coaches’ key questions are: “Can they out-run their pursuers?” “Can they run down their opponents?” “Can they steal base without being thrown out?” To put it simply, coaches ask, “Are they fast?”


We at AOS believe that speed is a skill that can be taught.  Athletes can be made faster and more explosive. We offer well-planned programs that are centered on the following components:

  • Proper acceleration mechanics 
  • Acceleration training
  • Sprint mechanics 
  • Sprint training
  • Plyometric training to increase speed and jumping ability for all land-based sports
  • General and specific strength training


  10339 Dorset Street,  Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Click on the Facilities icon to look at pictures of the largest permanent collegiate style indoor track in California. We have a 3 lane 60m straightaway for acceleration and speed training along with two 3000 sq ft. turf fields for agility training. We also boast a 6000 sq ft. weight room and jump/ployometric training area on sports performance flooring. 


Several full and partial scholarships are available to students for whom financial resources are limited.